2017 Roundup & Happy New Year !


Hey There 2018  Happy New Year Friends

What a crazy year it has been, so happy we get to celebrate the coming of a new one… Here’s to it being our best yet.

I want to say a huge thank you to all for your unwavering support across 2017!! It has been my most fulfilling and busiest yet. For those who have engaged online, emailed me kind words, bought prints, come to shows and exhibitions and also to my wonderful clients who have commissioned and continued to collaborate with me on some of my incredible projects and art works THANK YOU!!

This year flowed in very different waves. It was mostly dominated by huge publishing projects.

Visibility on and offline, personal projects and self promo definitely took a back seat in 2017

It was great to take a more introspective approach to the year, especially as I was embarking on being an author of not one but two books!

And these were some of my highlights. I created my first of 2 drawing books. These will be available for pre sale in the next couple of months with Quarto Publishing! So exciting!!

I collaborated with an architectural company in LA marking a very new kind of interior project for Henkel – with work completed this month!

I continued work with the wonderful team at Wacom producing a film with a friend on another one of their mobile tablets to be released in the next month. Keep a look out for that.

Made my longest across country work trip to Philadelphia, for another film project which launches this February

Launched Miss Led watercolour brush sets with Escoda Brushes – beyond exciting.

And finally, I decided to take the big step of going solo in Autumn and said goodbye to my agency after 8yrs – which was seriously terrifying though thankfully totally exhilarating. Here’s to a brave new future!

A year full of first attempts, experimentation, stepping back and reflection.
Can’t wait for this year to unfold