M-L Studio is a multi-disciplinary art & creative consultancy studio supporting emerging and iconic brands deliver beautifully unique visual stories

Based across London & Lisbon we work with the world’s most respected brands. Offering striking visual narratives we specialise in art, fashion, beauty and digital technology. Over the past 12 years we’ve built partnerships and delivered strong solutions for clients such as Google, Wacom, Clinique, Jaguar Land Rover and Nike.

From large scale installations, visual storytelling and curating live environments, we aim to keep pushing the boundaries in both traditional media and technology across the globe.

Versatile and ever-evolving our work is deeply rooted in strong conceptual thinking. Driven by the understanding that creative collaboration breeds innovation, we seek to transform strong messaging that is always thoughtfully curated and unique, alongside our partners.

The work we create is distinctive as it is traversed through a wide range of materials and processes from over a decade of fine art practise, public art study and commission, workshopping, concept building and more.




beauty mural hand painted brand campaign miss led studio

Brand Messaging


hand painted boutique installation miss led studio

Packaging & Product

Visual Storytelling