So thrilled to know that my artwork made the front cover of Der Spiegel, the prominent weekly German news publication.  After working on the design and making many changes over December, I was pretty happy to learn that my artwork, which was pitching alongside 6 other illustrators, made it to print. Very happy

The cover article Nachts im Gehirm, which translates as, At night, in the brain explores why we dream.  The commission required a Dadaesque approach a visual dreamscape.  This piece was a completely new challenge for me, as I hadn’t created illustration work to integrate with photography.  I started by drawing each element individually, then played around with compositional lines on many print outs of the original photograph.  Photoshop was used for final over layering and decision making.

You can see below the two different versions.

My Edit:

Magazine’s Edit using earlier sketch versions of the piece :