Digital Experiments with Wacom & Photoshop

How do you rid a painting itch when you only have digital at reach? Try to experiment with different Photoshop brushes I guess?  I’m very lucky to have worked so closely with WACOM the last year, my digital skills are definitely improving. And my floor is so much cleaner. My aim right now is to really develop a stronger impression. I’m confident with line, and taking it away, but how much is enough to still be bold?

I’m painting on a large canvas for an event with Liquitex and Subism in November. My recent appreciation that the dimensions for this piece are actually in inches, not centimetres has thrown me a little this week.

The canvas will be larger than those used in my recent solo show Intimate, this time I’ll be accompanied by an audience, not the luxurious solidarity of my studio. Oh and a timeframe of just 5 hours.  So anyone that knows me can agree that I’m a real perfectionist.  There’ll be no half bakery going on here. In the consideration that most of my portraits take a good two days to complete, and much rendering, mistake making, rubbing out and drawing again – suffice to say – I’ll not afford the luxury, I have to think of something a little different.   This weekend is mostly trying to conjure up something, simple, bold, effective and exciting to watch.

Below is an experiment – using digital (faux) Photoshop brushes. I’m now beginning to get excited. Oh, and if you were curious, its 48 x 60 / 122 x 152 cms.  Details on the event and how to get in, HERE