How and what I used for my recent Live Painting at The Printspace Gallery. For those who couldn’t make it to the very busy and energetic launch of Drawn at The Printspace Gallery, a couple of weeks ago, ¬†which included live painting by myself and Reeps One, you’ll be pleased to know that the guys at The Printspace have cut an awesome video capturing all the best bits! It was the first ever Illustration event at the Space which included live art, anexhibition, talks and my Mixed Media Portrait workshop. More on that, coming soon!

It was great to paint live and include a new twist to it’s development. It’s really important for me to plan something as dynamic as possible, so that it holds people’s attention. Unfortunately with my back to the audience I don’t always get to see what responses the work gets and what stages. But something new felt right, and although pretty daunting chucking paint on abstractly, it was pretty exhilarating too. I think it was only in the last 10 minutes when I added the final ink brush marks did it feel right. Until then it was a hairy experience. Using the large mounted board as a large experimental sketch pad image I tried to impliment as many different mediums and play with colour and shape on a very precise foundation of lines. I used watercolour resist, Liquitex acrylic ink, brushes, sponges, stencils, colouring pencils, brush pens and even a tootbrush. I was actually feeling a bit Rolf Harris at one point. With the first lines being so tight, I could really allow myself to make mistakes and not be too precious about colour or mark arrangement. Observing where my highlights and shading were before covering playfully the mid tones. My live painting gig at Drawn, was easily one of my most favourite live gigs! Happy Days. More of these please…. Just putting it out there.