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This year, I’m on a mission.  In 2020, the number of women that held senior roles in design stood at 25%.  In 2021 I intend to change that.  I am giving back one day every week to expand my Creative Mentoring program to focus on bringing equality to that statistic.  And that begins with you.  Individually.   I am here to support female artists at all stages of their careers and creative journeys.


I work closely with aspiring, emerging and mid-term career artists & illustrators, to propel their creative careers forward.  Supporting them move through existing blocks, I shine a light on their talents and skill set to harness their strong unique message, in clarifying and creating work aligned with their dream clients.  I am invested in enabling artists more financial freedom and a work life fuelled with clarity and purpose.

For the first time, I’m bringing together my 13 years expertise as an award winning illustrator, exhibiting fine artist, muralist, curator, speaker, author and art director. Along with my diverse range of skills in level 4 teaching (degree level), event production, art curation, global brand partnerships, visual advertising, broadcasting, PR, mindset work and more to support you now and help you plan where you need to go next – even if that’s enabling you to work out what that might be.


I’ve supported my clients from leaving agents, to pivoting and hone their offerings to manifest their dream jobs. I’ve worked with these creatives in redefining, developing and owning their unique artistic style, put up their rates, gain confidence with clients negotiations to present their message and vision to clients that align with them and their full worth.

“I have to share this, that since connecting with you via your books, workshop and 1:1 mentoring I have become braver. More open to trying and failing, trying again and succeeding. Thank you Joanna Henly, you make a difference!” Fiona Hammond, artist & Illustrator, UK



Being witness to so much amazing growth within my client journeys is one of the many reasons I’ve expanded this offering.  But also, I know firsthand what’s it’s like to be creatively stuck, when you’re well aware that your life purpose is to CREATE and GROW. For many years I struggled with this – after being shortlisted as a Fine Artist, for the Becks Futures Award at the ICA, and eventually not finalising – my confidence was shot down.

The thing is, the more I told myself I wasn’t good enough, the more I stopped creating. It impacted me mentally and then finally physically – I shrank. When there was nowhere left to go I had to make the decision. Build myself up and honour my life purpose or being in doubt and settle for less for the rest of my life.

Even though I’ve flown all over the world to paint, create installations, ambassador for and partner with global brands such as Reebok, Google, L”oréal, Wacom, it’s not always easy. It’s exhausting, I still have to remember what I learnt and the tools that I’ve developed and still harnessing. From overcoming imposter syndrome, to getting out of bad working partnerships, setting better fees and feeling in my TRUE WORTH!

There are always hurdles especially for you and your ambition. If you desire to level up you have to expect barriers along the way. With support these are soon seen as welcomed challenges offering opportunities for growth.


MID TERM CAREER  Starting out is so much easier than repositioning mid term.  With the period of experimentation and exploration done, it feels like everything has to be right and in place. With the added pressure of repositioning, reeducating your clients, increasing your rates it can be difficult.

If you have also found this a challenging time. I invite you to share in the tools I implemented to scale up.  I’m looking to support you if you that have served the industry between 5-15 years.


  • You feel overworked, underpaid and undervalued
  • You’re so fed up of feeling stuck and unhappy
  • You know that you deserve more customers and clients
  • You’re often find you can’t put ideas in to completion
  • You deserve to be making more money from your art
  • You’re done dreaming about being an artist. Let’s do this
  • You’re mid-term career and need a fresh vision & strategy
  • You’re done with difficult clients and crappy agents
  • You’re done with blocks and nagging imposter syndrome
  • You’re needing support reevaluating and repositioning
  • You’re often overwhelmed and KNOW this can be easier
  • You’re struggling with discipline and motivation




  • Mid term career LEVEL UP
  • Money confidence and growth
  • Repositioning and rebranding
  • ELEVATING your new offering


  • Relationships that convert into sales
  • Money confidence & pricing 
  • Client negotiation & confidence
  • Growth strategy plans with CLARITY


  • Harness your UNIQUE voice & vision
  • Getting work published & endorsed
  • Social media hacks, tips & tricks
  • Pitching to press & media


  • Brainstorming site and folio magic
  • Building your UNIQUE brand story
  • Repurposing work for other markets
  • Get in a space of sharing not selling

Of course one size does not fit all.  I’ll be sending you my bespoke prep sheet before our initial call so I can find out more about you and how we can work together.  This in itself will help shift you into a creative gear

In between sessions I will offer you continued support and engagement, with any feedback on processes and exercises that will help you feel aligned, and get you on the right path.

Our meeting spots are now full till April. Please add your details to the WAITING LIST to be the first to hear about availability


Our hugely successful, Support Your Creativity : MasterClass, and first live event happened this month.

You can see this online now, via the link below

creative mentoring with joanna Henly

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creative mentor for illustration and art
‘Where do I start?! Jo’s Creative Mentoring has been so transformational already… At a really pivotal point in my illustration career – when I decided to change direction, leave my agent and follow my true creative soul, mentoring was just what I needed.   Jo was so encouraging right from the start.  I felt that she could really see my vision and where I wanted to go.  I want a mentor to be more than just positive quotes and self-help talk.  Someone who I can turn to for pricing advice, business guidance and client negotiations, as well as how to move forward with an illustration that I’m particularly stuck on.  Jo is all of that and more. My illustration work has come on leaps and bounds over the last 11 weeks and wonderful things have already started to happen in my career…

– Laura Hope Lloyd, Illustrator and Artist, Oxford

joanna henly creative mentoring programme miss led

“Irrespective of what stage you are at in your career, it is always good to get an impartial honest view of where you can grow and develop.  Jo spots the areas and opportunities that you cannot see for yourself. Very quickly through her expertise and natural personable approach, we collectively identified opportunities and new spaces to occupy for me as an artist.

Jo embodies everything you need in a great mentor, both from a business and a creative perspective. She uses her experienced artistic eye to help push your visual language and expression in new and exciting directions.  Jo is always there to support, clarify and champion you.”

– Lucy Truman, Illustrator & animator, London

miss led creative mentoring programme

“Jo has been an inspiration. Not only has she shared such valuable resources but her creative input has sparked so many ideas and I’m already feeling a shift in positivity within my work. She has been a creative cheerleader and I’m so delighted to have her as a mentor”

–Arnelle Woker, Illustrator and graphic director, London

“I love to have my sessions with Jo. She gives me so much input, knowledge, insight, inspiration, encouragement.. and establishes with me a concrete plan to move myself towards my artistic goals. I feel very grateful to have her as my mentor.

Thank you Jo – with your sessions and your guidance – I feel myself flourish.”

Maria Gottwig, illustrator and graphic designer, Berlin

“Joanna’s mentorship offers emerging and established artists an opportunity to rekindle their passion for art and the art making process. Her insight and feedback helps students break through any artist block or barriers they may be experiencing that is preventing them from reaching their goals. My experience so far in the mentorship has been life changing and I feel a renewed sense of optimism and hope towards my future artistic endeavours” painter, land artist and counselor

Niki Watts, painter, land artist and counselor, Canada

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jo for almost a year now. Her coaching has been very valuable to me as I expand my creative business. She has made suggestions that I would have never thought of myself, and has encouraged a change in mind set that has made a noticeable difference in my approach to my art, and to myself personally also. I have left each session with Jo feeling inspired and motivated.  I’m looking forward to the changes and progress that this mentoring will bring about to both myself and my business.”

Lu Loram Martin, tattooist, muralist and illustrator