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Miss Led Drawing Books are in the Tate Modern & National Portrait Gallery

It’s now been a full year since both my Portrait and Figure Drawing books were published. Very proud to see them available at the Tate Modern and National Portrait Gallery shops.

This month I had to say a massive thanks to my followers for all their images, comments, emails, 5 star reviews and excitement that still flows through the different platforms. It’s a wonderful experience knowing that you’ve brought joy and inspiration to people through learning. I’ve just received a video of one student that has drawn every single image in the book – to my recollection that is 109 in total

Such a pleasure to pour almost 20yrs of teaching into these. From one-to-one set ups, working with large groups, to new ways of delivery and development. The hardest part was trying to fit it all in.


These are some of my favourite illustrations included to keep the books full of movement and energy.

My experience other than teaching has been live drawing, street art, fine art, public art, mural art, illustration for advertising and editorial work.

As well as partnering with some of the biggest brands on the planet I’ve delivered workshops at Saatchi Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Apple store and my next UK workshop will be held at the the V&A.