Miss Led Portrait Illustration Workshop: Seville

Due to such a busy few weeks, I’m just picking up where I left off last month. And March found me in sunny Seville.

Not only did I make my first trip to the beautiful city, but I had the most wonderful opportunity in delivering a 3 day intensive course to an amazing group of people in collaboration with La Galeria Roja Gallery.

Following artists such as Conrad Roset, Steve Simpson, Guim Tió and Carmen Mansilla who had worked with the gallery, I had 3 days to really explore what my students wanted to take away from our time together.

What united the group was the desire to learn how to draw the face, so that’s where we started. We looked at refining and developing our sketches and also how to create and build a narrative around our chosen subject. We rounded this up with, how to incorporate text and supporting elements, finishing with watercolour experimentation.

The group were also keen to understand how to use the internet as a viable tool for art promotion. I covered this with the inclusion of sites perfect for peer collaboration, merchandise, introduced other ideas, and also basic ways to improve your followers and traffic on social networks and websites.

The purpose of an agent, and the best way to promote your work to them, as well as how to know which one is the right one was discussed at length.

I’ll be running my next workshop commissioned by Vans this coming weekend in London.

I am always available to discuss workshop ideas and placements. I work with galleries, art and retail brands, corporations and with community settings. If you’re interested in finding out more. Please get in touch via: hello@missled.co.uk

Thanks again La Galeria Roja, I had such a wonderful time. Check out the link as they have some incredible artists lined up over the next couple of months, so go check them out!