Miss Led Interviewed on Arrest All Mimics : Podcast

I met with the wonderful Ben Tallon on day two of my recent trip to NYC. Inviting him in to my little rental apartment in Williamsburg it was great to see Ben, it had been a good 2 years since we met last.  In that time he’s written and released his debut book, ‘Champagne and Wax Crayon’s : Riding the Waves of the Creative Industry’, which has recently been voted top ten essential books for illustrators, and juggling his art direction and illustration work is now heading a great new podcast, Arrest All Mimics  the original thinking and creative innovation podcast.

He’s a total inspiration. So I was pretty chuffed when he asked if he could interview me on the other side of the pond.  A little sniffly, mid jet lag but hugely excitable, geared up for a very exciting week of meetings and appointments around Manhattan we spent an hour chatting about our love of the big apple, inspiration, positive early criticism, tenacity and my yearning for solitary confinement.  I hope you have time to listen – LISTEN HERE