Miss Led Live Painting with Escoda Brushes Barcelona

– Miss Led Live Painting with Escoda Brushes –

I was lucky to be travelling again last week! This trip took me back to Spain to the beautiful city of Barcelona. My main aim being to meet and discuss a very exciting collaboration with the wonderful team at Escoda Brushes

After being in talks for some time, we have been very excited about finally collaborating on a project together.

So on a very typically sunny morning, a roof terrace over looking the most majestic  Sagrada Famalia was cleared and prepared as my studio for a few hours. Here with the view across the incredible city I created a new painting using a variety of Escoda hand made brushes and my very trusty paints.

I’ll be publishing more related images next week as part of a mini Instagram Take Over at Escoda IG headquarters. Please keep an eye out as the social posts will be a lead up to a short video of the live painting 

Miss Led escoda brushes watercolour b  miss led escoda brushes watercolour b2