Miss Led Portrait Drawing Book

Miss Led Portrait Drawing is a lively and thorough visual guide to explaining the concepts of character and individual expression of the face.

This book will have you looking and learning with step-by-step illustrations and expert tips directly from London-based artist, Miss Led, aka Joanna Henly.

A compact 112 page book can be neatly carried in a backpack or pocket for when you’re drawing on the go.

Beginning with creating the perfect set up  in your office, room or on location Henly talks about holding the pencil to make specific lines and how using examples shows how implementing different marks can help strengthen your drawing language.   

From suggestions on how to create your, Ideal Set Up, you’ll find explicit guides showing clear examples and step-by-steps drawings in Understanding the Face, taking you through every facial feature in detail.

Looking at how to create the character and expression of faces runs throughout the book giving you suggestions on how to develop using various tips and exercise ideas. You also find pointers on what to consider when working from memory or imagination.

Covering different angle positions of the face; defining shade and light for capturing different skin tones Henly moves on to simplifying the complexity of drawing hair from various afro styles, long, short and wavy.

The book includes carefully selected professional portrait illustrations from Henly’s 10 year career showing examples of what can be achieved and how you can develop through your learning.

Everyone can draw, you’re learning a skill just like playing the piano or driving a car. All you need is time and a good dose of excitement and you’re half way there.