Miss Led Drawing Books in Progress


It’s all gone a little quieter on social the last few months

Here’s a little teaser of one of three publishing projects on the go which are taking every minute around the clock to produce. Only a few months to complete and we’re nearing half of the first, it’s been such a great opportunity to work on such involved projects.

Studio works in progress feature all new client work to include 50 celebrity portraits for a fun project for Laurence King Publishers. Another exciting new client based in the US, Rockport publishers are giving me the opportunity to produce two considerably dense Miss Led drawing books, one exclusively portraiture and the other figure drawing. Featuring a stack of tutorials, how to’s and a gallery of my favourite new and old illustrations.  So. Exciting!

So get sorted with your notifications on Instagram as we’ll be posting flash tutorials, work in progress shots and mini videos as we go along.