Print collaboration with Nina Baby London

New work created and donated for The Motherhood Prints.

Where 100% of the profit will be donated the NHS Charities Together – please go to my linktree in the bio for all the details.

The Pomegranate, also named the miracle fruit symbolises fullness, fertility and birth. In some religions and beliefs the fruit represents heaven and eternal life.

This painting is a celebration of motherhood and mother as the eternal queen, goddess of nature and love. A protector, and figure of resilience…

My thoughts are with family, friends and all women separated from their loved ones at this time. I’m proud to be donating this piece to help raise funds for the NHS Charities Together.

WACOM HOME: Webinar with Joanna Henly

On Wednesday Joanna was invited to host a live webinar with Wacom for their #WacomHome series.

Including a walkthrough of the M L Studio there was focus on both her traditional and digital works.

She shared her working habits, and creative strategies that she finds useful to support daily inspiration, mindfulness and productivity.

If you missed the session live, the playback video will soon be available to watch on YouTube – we’ll be sharing here shortly. Also you’ll get access to a digital goodie bag / care package for the first two weeks!

New Member of London Collective & Creative Agency Female Narratives

⚡️London Collective Announcement⚡️⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I’m honoured and thrilled to have been invited to become the new member of power Collective + Creative Agency Female Narratives⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

London based Female Narratives is a creative agency that operates using a collective of female freelancers to connect brands to real women and real stories – directly.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Founded by Franzi Klein & Tam Buric they create, produce and execute content focusing on fresh narratives, dynamic strategies and unconventional mediums collaborating across all aspects with proactive, inspiring and creative women. Thinking outside the box they offer audiences something new to think about and be a part of. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

“⚡️NEW GIRL ALERT⚡️We are thrilled to have multidisciplinary artist, illustrator and visual storyteller (and one of the masterminds behind our latest KEEP ON series) Joanna Henly, aka Miss Led Studio, on our collective! .

She builds creative ideas to support and launch fresh product from live experiential installations, luxury murals, artwork for packaging, digital collage, creative endorsements, video production and more.”

Miss Led Portrait Workshop at The V&A Museum

So my first workshop confirmed for 2020 will be hosted at of my favourite places in the world,  The Victoria and Albert Museum, London.  I’m very excited to be delivering a Digital Portraiture Masterclass using the iPad.
I’ll be delivering the full day of learning and art working on the Saturday 21st March 2020.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Learn or brush up your skills with the iPad Portraiture with me from 10.30-17.00 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Find more details and link to book HERE 

miss led workshop v&a museum london

Livestreaming with Adobe for Behance

Miss Led illustration live art for adobe on behance

I’ve been gorging on all the brilliant Adobe Max video content this past weekend which has a tonne of inspiration; from tutorials to live drawing and panel discussions, website and folio workshops and so much more! Do check it out!

So I’m thrilled to be partnering with Adobe for their new product on Behance.

I’ll be live streaming a few projects in the coming few weeks. So you can watch me work whilst connecting design fans and creatives using my Wacom Cintiq  and Photoshop. You can follow my progress via my Portfolio here:

Miss Led illustration live art for adobe on behance

Miss Led Drawing Books are in the Tate Modern & National Portrait Gallery

It’s now been a full year since both my Portrait and Figure Drawing books were published. Very proud to see them available at the Tate Modern and National Portrait Gallery shops.

This month I had to say a massive thanks to my followers for all their images, comments, emails, 5 star reviews and excitement that still flows through the different platforms. It’s a wonderful experience knowing that you’ve brought joy and inspiration to people through learning. I’ve just received a video of one student that has drawn every single image in the book – to my recollection that is 109 in total

Such a pleasure to pour almost 20yrs of teaching into these. From one-to-one set ups, working with large groups, to new ways of delivery and development. The hardest part was trying to fit it all in.


These are some of my favourite illustrations included to keep the books full of movement and energy.

My experience other than teaching has been live drawing, street art, fine art, public art, mural art, illustration for advertising and editorial work.

As well as partnering with some of the biggest brands on the planet I’ve delivered workshops at Saatchi Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Apple store and my next UK workshop will be held at the the V&A.

Drawing lips beauty illustration animation gif miss led studio



This Saturday I collaborated with my favourites The Other Sight / Shop and JoJo’s Seaside for a Summer Popup event just outside Lisbon on the beach at Fonte da Telha.

There were games, dancing, exquisite food, exhibited artworks and covetable design and fashion available at Petite Miramar the restaurant and hotel owned by Andre Saraiva aka Mr A.

Thank you for everyone that came along and made it so special, big love and thanks to Sonya Tlr and @claire tournemine at The Other Sight / Shop for all their energy and inviting me to be their special guest.

More images coming soon

As well as creating the invites, gifs and posters I curated a selection of illustrations with digital collage celebrating the colour and vibrancy of Lisbon life for my first presentation of art works in Portugal.

You can read my interview with the uber stylish Parisian store and understand more about the collaboration here – check the link :

Miss Led Studio: Inspiration at Apple

How did Miss Led grow from being a Myspace handle – a devise initially used to publish work online in secret – to a multi disciplinary art studio working with the biggest brands on the planet? 

Advised repeatedly to stick to just one style to have any hope for a successful career in illustration, to not compete in any live tournaments for sake of failure and embarrassment… It was great to go back in time and present a rich profile of diverse projects and artwork created against the odds when Apple asks me to talk a little about my ‘journey’ last week.

For the inspiration session I touched on some of the seriously important things that contributed to the continuing success of Miss Led – Tenacity was number one, and how staying playful with ideas and being open to new opportunities went hand-in-hand.

Being vulnerable was also an important theme. Sharing how competing in live tournaments (against the odds and winning – twice) and creating art (including that of mistakes) in front of thousands of people has helped me gain a deeper understanding about my tools, how I engage my different audiences and keep my ideas light and agile.

Open to risk, trying many different approaches, stepping into very different territories and weld diverse materials has helped build a portfolio I’m very proud of.

From purely illustration work to now including experiential activations, virtual reality art, live installation work, video production, creative direction, consultation and more. These combined have helped shape the name Miss Led into a buzzing multi disciplinary Art Studio.

It was so engaging working with the audience and inspiring them to create something new and playful themselves using the provided iPad Pros.

I wanted everyone of all ages and ability to be part of the interactive session. Using the Apple iPad and a chosen photograph I supported them to build a brief and create a narrative based image which was then celebrated on the screen whilst the group and I learnt a lot from each other and had loads of fun.

Thanks to everyone that came down on such a beautiful evening and got involved!

And a huge thank you again to the team at Apple for inviting me to deliver a seriously fun Today at Apple in store session.

miss led keynote speaker apple store

Miss Led Studio at Apple Store

Join me at the @Apple Store this coming Thursday as I talk about my work, the benefits of artistic diversity, being vulnerable, creative blocks and keeping playful.

Following that I’m delivering a very playfully themed hands on participation and it all starts with your digital photograph.

You’ll be looking at how to generate ideas about your chosen subject, write a design brief and build visual stories using the iPad and the @Procreate drawing and painting app.

Keep an eye out for more information and art examples on this in the next few days! Get in touch if you have any questions

OH and we’ll be finishing off with a lovely Q&A session – so be armed with some queries to keep me on my toes.

More details and sign up – HERE

Thursday 23rd Apple Store Regents Street 6.30 – 8.00pm

Here’s a quick portrait of me created last year on the both iPad  and Procreate. This artwork was one of 10 created for Rape Crisis Tyneside for the amazing Her Story Conference.

Miss Led Today At Apple Session

Excited to announce that I’ll be presenting my work and delivering a #todayatapple session at the Apple Store, Regents Street London next week!

There I’ll be presenting a selection of my drawings, paintings and digital collage.

I’ll also be talking about my ideas; how I develop my thinking and the importance of embracing storytelling.

You’ll bring a photo, a smile and all your creativity. Yes, you have loads more that you think. So no sweat.

The session is free, gratis, nada…. So sign up! HERE

Bring an iPad and stylus if you have one, if not – sign up to the link in the bio – and one can be provided for you.

Please also come if you’d just like to say, hi. We might just have a Q&A to close.

Something’s Happening …

But you can’t see anything quite yet!

Thank you for visiting the site and my blog, right now we’re planning the new website with lots of new features, building a very special portfolio, planning events and workshops in London and exploring exciting collaborations in Central Europe.

It’s an exciting time, and a little busy to keep the blog going, for now! BUT please keep ahead of all these things and more – even if it’s a little quiet at the moment – on my Instagram <3





Exciting update for you guys – my second book is now available online in the US, Canada and UK. ‘Figure Drawing’ is the second companion in the Pocket Art series (yep – so compact, it can fit in your pocket) and is the follow up to ‘Portrait Drawing’.

My vision being; I wanted to share an easy-to-understand, uncomplicated guide to mastering technique and style.

Pushing everyone out of their comfort zone, slowly but surely – the book encourages the reader to loosen up, to gain the courage to step outside and feel brave enough to draw in public.

You’ll start lessons with getting your materials right before moving on to exercises such as “Understanding the Figure”. This all wraps up with a gallery of drawings that demonstrate what you’ve learned in various different mediums. “Runway Work’ and “Tricks for Creating Movement’

There are lots of fun exercises that’ll help you to create more expressive works – which in turn, help with character design and fashion illustration.
I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback!

I hope you like it

Figure Drawing now Avail for Pre order

My second and final book in the Pocket Book Series is now available for PreOrder on Amazon!

This neatly sized accessible technical guide leads primarily through visual instruction. Figure Drawing is the perfect complain to Portrait Drawing, released this Spring with Rockport Publishers

Figure Drawing is about getting out of your comfort zone and guides you through various techniques to help you gain the confidence to draw outside and in public.

This book is all about loosening up. There are lots of fun exercises that help you create more expressive works which help with character design and fashion illustration. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

You’ll start your lessons with getting your materials right before moving on to “Understanding the Figure” and loosening up for “Runway Work,” “Tricks for Creating Movement,” “Working from the Imagination,” and “Creating Environments,” wrapping up with a gallery of drawings that demonstrate and reinforce what you have learned in various different mediums.

Miss Led Portrait Drawing Book at National Gallery

Portrait Drawing now available at The National Gallery, Sainsbury Book Shop

My first book, ‘Portrait Drawing’, published with Rockport this Spring is not only available at WHSmiths and Waterstones, but now can be found at, The National Gallery, London. Very exciting!

Miss Led Skincare beauty illustrations

Recent beauty illustration for a new skincare client

Here’s a selection of illustration steps from of a set of seven images commissioned for a new product packaging. 

I get many enquiries from potential commissioners to create a series of works to illustrate a particular beauty or skincare regime. I’ve not till now had a step-by-step project that I’ve been very proud of. So when I was approached by a new London based skincare specialist about creating this work I saw it as a great opportunity.

The brief was to illustrate the different stages involved in applying an organic botanical based skincare product.  The final illustrations would be printed on a white ground so the simplified portraits relied only on an organic, ‘feel’, brown line and a tinted blush.  My aim was to create a portrait that felt ethnically diverse using strong but soft features. What do you think?

As of now the product hasn’t launched so I can’t add a full images of the packaging pamphlet or further product shots. Check back soon for the full story and a photo of the final print!

Miss Led Portrait Drawing Book

Miss Led Portrait Drawing is a lively and thorough visual guide to explaining the concepts of character and individual expression of the face.

This book will have you looking and learning with step-by-step illustrations and expert tips directly from London-based artist, Miss Led, aka Joanna Henly.

A compact 112 page book can be neatly carried in a backpack or pocket for when you’re drawing on the go.

Beginning with creating the perfect set up  in your office, room or on location Henly talks about holding the pencil to make specific lines and how using examples shows how implementing different marks can help strengthen your drawing language.   

From suggestions on how to create your, Ideal Set Up, you’ll find explicit guides showing clear examples and step-by-steps drawings in Understanding the Face, taking you through every facial feature in detail.

Looking at how to create the character and expression of faces runs throughout the book giving you suggestions on how to develop using various tips and exercise ideas. You also find pointers on what to consider when working from memory or imagination.

Covering different angle positions of the face; defining shade and light for capturing different skin tones Henly moves on to simplifying the complexity of drawing hair from various afro styles, long, short and wavy.

The book includes carefully selected professional portrait illustrations from Henly’s 10 year career showing examples of what can be achieved and how you can develop through your learning.

Everyone can draw, you’re learning a skill just like playing the piano or driving a car. All you need is time and a good dose of excitement and you’re half way there.

✨ Portrait Drawing Pre Order & Original Art Giveaway ✨

The first of two books in the Pocket Art Series published with Rockport is now available for Pre Order!

This neatly sized drawing companion is as beautiful as it is informative. It’s filled with tips, tricks and tonnes of tutorials that I’ve developed as an artist and taught to students over the last 16years.

I’ve also selected my favourite portrait drawings from the last 10 years as examples of what you can achieve! ✨

♣️ Thank you to the team at Rockport for making this book a reality ♣️

Publishers Notes

This lively, graphic approach to explaining concepts will have you looking and learning with step by step illustrations and expert tips straight from London-based artist, Miss Led, aka Joanna Henly.

This compact 112-page book is just right for carrying in a backpack or pocket for when you’re learning on the go.

Henly begins by guiding you through your initial Set Up, then moves on to “Understanding the Face”. She takes you through every detail of capturing facial features, expressions and character, and mastering the rendering of hair and skin tones.
Her exercises demonstrate and reinforce everything you need to learn about portrait drawing

✨Original Art GIVEAWAY✨
Special Bonus Images & Exercise

Original Cover Art Work for One Lucky Winner

The first 50 people who can email proof-of-purchase to will receive a special digital bonus section including an exercise and images from the first book edit. Not to be released.

Out of the 50, one lucky winner win the original drawing that graces the front cover!

The winner will be picked by random and announced on Friday 10th March




Miss Led Portrait Drawing Book Cover Reveal

I still have all the drawing books my Dad bought me from his travels when I was growing up. I learnt so much more from these guides than I did in school. It’s such an honour to be launching my own.

I hope you get as much learning as I did retraining myself to write and illustrate this drawing book guide 🙂
Ahead of schedule the cover of my debut book is now here!
This perfect neatly sized drawing companion is as beautiful as it is informative. Filled with tips, tricks and tonnes of tutorials. I’ve also selected my favourite portrait drawings from the last 10 years as examples of what you can achieve! ✨
Thank you to the team at Rockport Publishers for helping making this a reality

Miss Led Art Book – Figure Drawing – Finishing this month

With the completion of a 50 faces portrait project with Laurence King and my Portrait Drawing with Quarto now complete, I’m working hard to complete the final publishing project – Figure Drawing – with Quarto Publishers.

It’s been an intensely busy 10 months, thanks for sticking with me.

Teaser – For one section of the book I’m practising quick street sketching and feeling a rekindled love for brush pens & continuous line exercises.  It’s been great to go “back to school” – to remember all the super quick and fun exercises I’ve learnt over the years of drawing and painting –  to be able to pull them all together in two nifty pocket size guides for you.

More information coming soon – AND keep a look out – Book one, Portrait Drawing – The cover reveal is on it’s WAY!

Here’s a street drawing progression from the Figure Drawing book, the second in the series to be released this Summer

Using continuous line on cartridge paper. Trying my best not to take my pencil off the paper.

Using a light box and Xerox paper I’ve drawing inks lines on top of the original quick sketch refining and introducing further lines and shading.  This is then scanned as a gray scale image.

I wanted to introduce a spot of colour to give a sense of distance within the environment – here using Liquitex acrylic inks and lots of water using a Derwent water pen.  This was scanned as a colour image, so you can see the green ink trace that was in the black before changing the pigments.

2017 Roundup & Happy New Year !


Hey There 2018  Happy New Year Friends

What a crazy year it has been, so happy we get to celebrate the coming of a new one… Here’s to it being our best yet.

I want to say a huge thank you to all for your unwavering support across 2017!! It has been my most fulfilling and busiest yet. For those who have engaged online, emailed me kind words, bought prints, come to shows and exhibitions and also to my wonderful clients who have commissioned and continued to collaborate with me on some of my incredible projects and art works THANK YOU!!

This year flowed in very different waves. It was mostly dominated by huge publishing projects.

Visibility on and offline, personal projects and self promo definitely took a back seat in 2017

It was great to take a more introspective approach to the year, especially as I was embarking on being an author of not one but two books!

And these were some of my highlights. I created my first of 2 drawing books. These will be available for pre sale in the next couple of months with Quarto Publishing! So exciting!!

I collaborated with an architectural company in LA marking a very new kind of interior project for Henkel – with work completed this month!

I continued work with the wonderful team at Wacom producing a film with a friend on another one of their mobile tablets to be released in the next month. Keep a look out for that.

Made my longest across country work trip to Philadelphia, for another film project which launches this February

Launched Miss Led watercolour brush sets with Escoda Brushes – beyond exciting.

And finally, I decided to take the big step of going solo in Autumn and said goodbye to my agency after 8yrs – which was seriously terrifying though thankfully totally exhilarating. Here’s to a brave new future!

A year full of first attempts, experimentation, stepping back and reflection.
Can’t wait for this year to unfold