What’s programs do you use?  Do you work digitally or by hand?  How many sketches do you have to do before you get to the final one?  Your drawings always look so perfect, do you trace?

I work by hand mostly … sometimes it takes about 4 sketches, other times it comes at once.  But when I’m sketching a lot around that time, the finals come easier and quicker for me.  I trace some of my drawings so that I get a finer line, as the first one is normally messy.

Hi , i love your work!  im about to start graphic design at uni and im also interested in illustration but am a little worried about my future as an artist. During these years, how have you managed financing yourself from your art? Or did you have to take on some other random job out of your field? I dont want to get rich, just to be able to do what i love doing with the basics  hope you have a lovely day xx

I did have another job when I was starting out, but outside of that time I promoted the work I was creating to make sure my images were seen by as many people as possible.  It’s important to look at the resources that are available for you along the way, such a start up grant or funding.  Thanks, you too!

Hi Miss led, you are a talented artist! I love your work.  My question/s to you is what inspires you to do your work and how long it has taken you to get where you are.

Many things inspire me; a look, an attitude, fashion, film, light, music, creative spaces… How long? I’ve done the many years of academia if that’s what you mean.  But Miss Led is only just 6yrs old now, this month infact.

Hello, hope you’re well. I think I first came across your work via Flickr about 6yrs (?!) ago and you were just getting back into illustration and trying to get some work – and now look at you  My question is, other than dedication and super hard work, in your experience what hints/tips would you give folks trying to make a hobby/passion into something more? Cheers

Thanks so much! Okay, sheer determination I’d say… but sacrifice too, believing that at some point all will be well, life will become more comfortable, money will get easier. So in short, belief… Does that help? Get sound advice, make sure you get feedback from the work you are creating – find out what works, what doesn’t – keep evaluating and assessing.  Make it fun. The work will develop.

What is the most important part to draw correctly?

When doing a varied composition – for me the face, is the most important – once that is ‘right’ in my eyes then the rest will fall into place.

Were you always aware that this style you have, was the style you have always strived towards? Or did u just fall into it??

It’s something that’s grown since drawing… that’s many years of shaping my line, the ideas and compositions and tonnes of inspiration and accidents along the way. its definitely not something i just fell into. That would be way too easy and no fun at all :)

Do you think you have a unique style? Do you personally like it or do you wish you had the style of somebody else?

I like my style, I think it’s unique to me… I love lots of other artists work but with mine, I know it, have cultivated it and can build on it. I’m happy

I saw your workshop video and you transferred a pencil drawing with carbon paper.  Do you do this process every time?  And can you recommend a particular carbon paper to use?

Not all the time, it work well when playing with an image you don’t necessarily want to gamble with. Sometimes you don’t need the intimidation of working on top of lines laboured over for hours. I’m still looking for good carbon paper.  You can get Trace Down from Cass Arts, it’s a little dark for me but does the job all the same :)

Do you get excited by your work?

Ha, good question!  Yes, I do excited by my work.  If I’m not excited, how can I expect anyone else to be?  Sometimes if I’ve tried something new or an image has exceeded my expectation then that can be thrilling.  You know when you’ve created something super exciting when it’s the first thing you want to see the next morning. 

Want to be my teacher?

:) I’m not sure I’ll be doing one to one teaching in Romania but I am running further workshops in London and Vienna with other locations in the pipeline.  There will also be further step-by-step videos and projects available.  Check my character portrait uploaded in stages on my Behance page