Henkel Schwarzkopf LA Venue Artwork

Mural / Installation

M-L Studio partnered with merger Henkel Schwarzkopf to create hair inspired line art that covered the 7 floored glass panelled, ‘state-of-the-art’, academy in Culver City.


For the long awaited development, we produced the design work for an interior coverage design stretching throughout their seven floor multi- purpose venue.

Work was designed for purpose.  Within a space of mostly glass partitions visibility as well as privacy was paramount. From meeting and academic spaces to offices and lobbies all requiring their own coverage. Over 60 glass walls across seven floors at varying sizes were covered with our intricate line work and designs, taking into careful consideration the usage and environment of each space.

The brief was to create a design that felt fresh but also timeless. To engage, create interest and bring something that felt synonymous to the brands and to flow organically through the space.

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Within the space consisting mostly of glass partitions the venue housed a lab, an academy, meeting rooms, offices and communal areas; each of these requiring different levels privacy and visibility. We consulted closely with the branding team and alongside their architectural agency to make sure the design retained a sense continuity and flow throughout the space.