ML Studio: 15 years of Murals with Liquitex paints

A three part project created for Liquitex Global paints which was supported and featured by leading UK art materials suppliers, Cass Art.

Joanna’s goal was to demystify the mural process through a video tutorial to encourage artists, the global online community across Cass and Liquitext customers – in creating their own bespoke interior art and building excitement to their homes during a long period of national enforced lockdown.

“Joanna Henly is the creative tour de force behind the Miss led studio – working on large scale murals, digital brand work and traditional illustrations. We caught up with Joanna to talk about her creative journey and the materials she uses. Find out what she loves about Liquitex paints and watch her take you through the beginning stages of creating your own illustrative ‘ Miss Led’ mural at home.” Cass Art UK