Wacom Create More Campaign

Art for CampaignBrand Collaboration

As part of their global, Create More Campaign, WACOM Germany pulled together a short list of artists worldwide, each to create a their version of the self portrait using their new Intuos Pro tablet.  From this short list ML studio was selected and commissioned to create the self-portrait.

A film crew, directed by Robert Hranitzky visited M L studio to create a video portrait, interview and content for an interactive ebook tutorial. The ebook, designed also by Robert Hranitzky was created as a dynamic two part manual. This multi-layered digital product covered individual steps of both the traditional and digital aspects of our illustration process.

A rare treat for fans and budding illustrators worldwide, WACOM also included free downloadable brushes, links to the music that we listen to in the studio along with the psd file of Joanna’s completed artwork.

This showcased the products capabilities to their and M L Studio audience in an engaging and fun platform where many creatives had seen a separation between digital and traditions forms previously