Clinique What Line advertising campaign

Art for Campaign

Leading cosmetic and skincare brand Clinique were looking for a softer and less graphic approach to support the launch of their classic bold black eyeliner.

We produced lifestyle illustration and portraiture work for moving image and magazine spreads for Grazia; our studio proudly brought a delicate and fashionable style to the campaign.

Using hand drawn line work and scanned watercolour paint expressions we produced a number of advertising assets for the ‘What’s Your Line?’ campaign. Referencing classic 50’s style fashion illustration, clean lines and beautiful muted colour; our illustration and portraiture work was published to support the new product range launch in leading UK mags such as Grazia; whilst online – moving image was the focus.

Partnering with Jelly London a short animation told the story of the female protagonist the Starlet. The stylised fashion illustration character was used in Clinique’s campaign film for the product.  This was aired online and across social media channels as part of their wide reaching global campaign.

Clinique fans loved seeing the animation and the entire story unfold both in print and online.

‘What’s Your Line?’ gathered strong engagement which further boosted Clinique’s online presence.  Working with both animation and illustration directed new customers to Clinique’s online marketing tools, and subscriptions further cementing the success of the campaign.